Nature Harmony is a centre that deals with all kinds of energy related healings and diagnosis through Aura Photography. That is, We teach Reiki ,heal patients with different energy related therapies like Pranic Healing, Accu pressure crystal etc. Aura Photography, is one of our major work, deals with photography of human energy body where we can see the stress level on different weak organs .As stress after certain time is converted to disease, we can remove the stress from its very own inception which helps in preventing disease entering the body.
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Human aura is a life sustaining energy force. It acts as a protective sheath to physical human body from negative vibrations. The physical, mental and spiritual changes around influence the aura. The negative thoughts generate stress which imbalances the aura and may result into disease in a period of 6 months to 4 years. With the advances in science and technology it is now possible to see the aura energy body around us and detect the diseases that are already there or about to enter into in the body through Aura Photography.
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Crystals are the beautiful minerals and stones found in the earth. Apart from being so catchy and beautiful and adorning the place it has a property to heal us on the subtle level. Sea Crystals as they have beautifying property is used for adorning the house. It has the magical property to convert the negative energies to positive one hence is used in Vaastu and fengshui.
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Feng shui and Vastu are ancient sciences belonging to China and India respectively. Both these sciences teach us to live in Harmony with nature by making the environment where we live attuned to ourselves.

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Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy ,or Prana shakti as called in India,is present within us and all around the planet and Universe .It is perhaps the oldest healing methods.

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What is Aura photography?

Aura it is the energy field around our body that we cannot see but now the deviations caused due to stress in aura can be captured through latest technology.

Why Aura photography?

  • Physical stress:- Stress is first generated in the aura before the disease enters the physical body or is diagnosed. Aura pictures taken from time-to-time can remove the stress from its inception.
  • Mental Stress:- We can see the mental status through analysis of colours  and that can be improved if anything is wrong or missing in our nature.
  • Spiritually:- We can see the level of spirituality.

Aura photography has been extremely successful as a method of capturing the imbalances of physical self, mind and body although may not be apparent.  


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